Wednesday, October 24, 2012

In Trouble With The Law... And Also Your College

In many of Ohio’s college towns, just off campus, you can find large parties any time of the year. But for cities like Athens and Kent, Halloween brings very large crowds from all over the region and the state. Many of those in the crowd are underage individuals with high hopes of getting drunk.
But we are asking everyone who is not yet 21, to not drink. Our agents will be present near campuses looking for alcohol violations, such as – but not limited to – underage drinking, fake ID, intoxication and drug use.  
Whether you’re visiting from University of Akron, Miami University, Ohio State or Bowling Green, or you’re a student from Ohio University or Kent State University, ramifications of a great road trip or a fabulous weekend out can end with more than a date in court, a fine and/or jail time.
Many times students who are charged with underage drinking and other violations do not know that their college or university may have checked to see if the weekend trip at another campus resulted in a court appearance. Many schools have the equivalent to a code of student conduct and often alcohol and/or drugs would be a violation of many of the codes. Student conduct staff will often cross check names from arrest reports to see if any match up with their students.
Halloween is a fun celebration, but it can also be a dangerous holiday when you add alcohol to the mix. We hope if you are celebrating Halloween, you are responsible and you know all the ramifications.  We want everyone to be safe. So please, if you’re not 21, don’t drink!

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