Monday, November 26, 2012

Important Information To Remember This Holiday Season

This week starts the beginning of a time we all enjoy celebrating – the holidays. It is during this time that having drinks and exchanging laughs with friends and family at parties or at the local bar happens daily.
We just want to make sure Ohioans remember a few points so it is a safe holiday season, one that you can think back on fondly, not regret.
·         Bartenders – please do not over-serve your patrons. Cut them off. It’s okay to say that they’ve had enough.  Take care of them by giving them water, salty foods and make sure they have a safe and reliable way home. Remember it’s your bar, it’s your responsibility;
·         Also, carryouts and bartenders need to continue to be on the lookout for underage drinkers who are attempting to purchase alcohol;
·         Remember if you are drinking, before you go out decide who is your sober driver;
·         Keep your drink in your possession and control at all times. If you think it has been tampered with it, don’t drink it. If another person is adamant that you take a drink – don’t. Don’t turn your back; and
·         Whether you are a patron or a member of the staff, if you see someone’s drink being tampered with or someone who was coherent in the last 20 – 30 minutes is suddenly disoriented, confused, suffering from dizziness, memory loss contact the authorities and attempt to keep the individual from leaving and secure the person’s drink.
We want all Ohioans to have fun, but be safe and responsible. It’s the holidays, it’s a time for joy, not for sorrow.